Who are we?

Full Circle CS is an IP development company operating out of the Greater Toronto Area.
We bring original ideas to life in the form of visual development, interactive prototypes
asset creation and animation for a variety of different media.

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IP Development
Ideation, Brainstorming, Story Development, Game Design

Our biggest strength at Full Circle CS is coming up with and fleshing out ideas and building worlds, developing story, interaction design and game concepts. Gladiotron, which a Full Circle CS own IP, is a story driven interactive project that is being developed fully in house. It is a story that will crossover between different types of media and provides a perfect test case for the type of work that we are able to offer clients.

Concept Art and Asset Creation
Character Design, Environment Design, Concept Development

Concept art, character design, environment design are all critical to helping to flesh out an idea and provide direction for 3d modelers and animators. It's also one of the most important things to get people excited about your project. At the early stages, good concept art can help get investors and collaborators to buy in to what you are doing. Having done work for a variety of clients on a variety of projects in all different styles. Full Circle is well positioned to create to visual look and tone you need to get your project going. As a team of 2D and 3D artists and developers, we are also able to fully realize concepts as 3D assets, optimized for real-time rendering environments such as web, AR, VR and games.

Interactive Development
Game, Interactive Art, Prototypes

We work with game engines such as Unreal and Unity to make 2d and 3d interactive experiences such as games, interactive art, AR/VR and prototypes to test ideas. We work with a variety to tools and we focus on innovation and unique workflows. Our primary tools are Unreal Engine and Blender for 3d asset creation and animation. We have a very skilled and experienced team of Blender artists, but we are also well versed with other 3D software. For 2D animations we work primarily with TVPaint as it is the most robust solution for classical style animation in a digital environment. Blender 2.8 is also great for 2D animation as well and we are exploring the possibilities that it presents. We use 3D Coat, Zbrush and Substance for sculpts and texturing.

Bringing ideas to life
Rigging, 2D/3D Animation

Animation is one of the most important aspects of any project, if done right, it can breath life into a your idea and properly articulate what it is you're trying to say. Done wrong, it can ruin even the most promising of ideas. Great assets need great animation. A good animator can bring even the most mundane objects to life. Whether your're looking for 2D animation or 3D or both, our team of talented and passionate animators can deliver great results.

Creative Services

As part of our mission, Full Circle is committed to maintaining a balance between internal IP development and offering creative service work to other creators and developers.
These are some of the services we offer.

  • Visual Development

    Art Direction, Production Design, Character Design, Environment Design

  • Script Writing/Consultation

    Script Review, Script Writing, Episodic Writing

  • 3D Proof of Concept

    Digital Sculptures, Toy Prototypes

  • Interactive Prototypes

    Playable Game Prototypes, Interactive Proof of Concept

  • Pitch document writing

    Proposal Development, Consultation

  • Research and Development

    Software, Wearables, AR/VR, Second Screen Applications

Our Clients

Awesometown Entertainment
Corus Entertainment
House of Cool

Talk to us!

Full Circle is always on the lookout for good creators and production partners to work with.
If you have a good idea with a positive message, we'd love to talk.